Sunday, November 20, 2016


Episode 7                   

 MADAM: sikira!!!!!!!!!!!!, show
onihaxy his new room. He is now
part of us, whenever he feels like
sleeping over, he should be
Janet looked at me, she smiled and winked. I followed sikirat to
see the room. Now, no more
sneaking, we are now closer.
“Sikirat said”.
I left the white house on that
sunday evening, different thoughts running through my
mind. What is janet up to?, why
did she winked at me?, what if I
was caught with sikirat?, I
thought of  everything and
decided to maintain my usual lesson outing with to the white
house. Sikirat’s lesson at my
home continued every market
days, I keep on enjoying 

stuffs and beef courtesy of sikirat,
we still our friday night lesson/ sex at the white house.
Something happened along the
line. I came for lessons as usual
and met janet in the living room
looking depressed and sad. I
tried talking to her but she won’t say a word. I manipulated her by
every means but she won’t talk, I
came closer to her, held her palm,
she was so cold, I looked into her
eyes and it was soaked, Janet
must be going through something or something
happened to her I thought, yet
she wouldn’t speak. Janet stood
up and went to her room. I didn’t
know where the boldness came
from, I followed her. She sat on her bed, bending
down her head and supporting it
with her left hand, she was
wearing her usual bump short
with a yellow top. I sat beside
her. Held her hand again trying to talk to her.
“Janet, you can talk to me” I can’t
say anything, she replied. 
“Do you want me to start crying also?”
 She lift up head looked at
me and said, Onihaxy, “I have been heart broken”. 
ME: what really happened?
JANET: I used to have a
boyfriend, his name his kingsley.
He was the one who deflowered

me and I love him so much.
ME: so what went wrong? 
JANET: I loved him with
everything, my life, my parent’s
money, my
everything******wanted to
ME: its ok janet, but you still haven’t told me what happened.
JANET: he said he is no longer
ME:****placed my hand on her
back, drew her closer*****. He
said so for what?, why?, what did he said your offence is? 
JANET: he said I am proud,
arrogant, rude and bossy. I
smiled, comforted her, wiped her
tears and cuddled her. That day
marks the beginning of my
friendship with janet. We chat and gist for the first time for long hours.
I got home, dropped my fone on
my bed and tried to catch some
sleep when I got a new
whatsapp message, 
“thanks so much for your words of comfort,
and thanks for giving me a smile
today”. This is my whatsapp
number”. I smiled and saved it.
Day after day, week after week,
janet and I became closer that we exchange calls and texts
everyday, we chat till late nights. I
graduated from sitting room
conversations to following her
into her room on many
occasions. One day while in janet’s room, a text came in from
sikirat, “onihaxy, we have to
talk”. Chaiii, sikirat is getting
Its was another market day,
sikirat came around as usual. But this time, she wore a frown face. SiKIRAT: what is going on
between you and aunty janet?
ME: there is nothing. I’m just
trying to make friend with her so
as to persuade her to take her
lessons serious and pass her exams.
SIKIRAT: ****sad face****,
onihaxy its a lie, I have been
the two of you recently, I know
she has been calling you recently, its unfair oooooo, you want to
dump me abi? ***wanted to
ME: ****i drew her closer***, I’m
not dumping you, you know I
like you. SIKIRAT: I’m scared, I’m not
feeling safe, this is my first time of
having a graduate boyfriend in
my life, this is my first time of
loving a guy to this level, I don’t
trust you, ME: why?
SIKIRAT: you may dump me
because I am a house girl.
ME: you know I won’t do that.
I pet sikirat, I drew her mouth
closer and planted a kiss on her lips, she responded, it led to a hot
romance, I walked my hands
down to her. Blouse, pulled it off,
I found her bosom, I sucked, lick
her down to the abdomen, then
lift up her long skirt, pull her pant to one side with my finger,exposing her already wet Kitty-Cat, tease the clit, sikirat was
giving out heavy moan. I was
doing my job on the Kitty-Cat,
squeezing her bosom with the left hand and unzipping my trousers with the right hand.
She was moeaning heavily without
holding my dick. This is strange,
sikirat that I know will grab my
dick and do mouth justice to it.
But this time she didn’t.
My erected dick couldn’t sense that
there was a danger ahead. I had
pulled off my trousers, pull out a
condom, wore it on my erected
dick. I was about digging her suck away when said “onihaxy wait”. 
SIKIRAT: do you truly love me?
ME: off course you know that I
do, why the question?
SIKIRAT: if you know you truly
love me, there is something I
want you to do for me right now. Will you do it?
ME: ****my dick still erect and
eager to dig the suck away****,
yes dear, just name it dear, I will
do anything for you, I mean
anything, just name it.

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